The Sisters Brothers (2018)



Belgium, France
English, Russian
Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Western
Aidan O'Hare, Aldo Maland, Allison Tolman
121 min

What it's about

Oregon, 1851. Hermann Kermit Warm, a chemist and aspiring gold prospector, keeps a profitable secret that the Commodore wants to know, so he sends the Sisters brothers, two notorious assassins, to capture him on his way to California.

The take

This is a star-packed movie about two brother assassins played by John C. Reilly and Joaquin Phoenix, and starring Jake Gyllenhaal. You might have read the book of the same name, and it is always hard to make a great film out of a great book but the brilliant director of A Prophet Jacques Audiard has done it (again). He is aided by a superb darkly comic script and fantastic acting from the entire cast. Audiard is French, but his take on the American Western is filled with epic violence but also witty dialogue, brotherly love, and male camaraderie.

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This is like a cat and mouse chase movie but turns into something else later. Totally unexpected ending. Must watch if you love western thrillers.

Watch this movie! It’s quirky, funny, and hopelessly non-genre Western fare. Oh there’s cowboys, horses, tarantulas, gun fights, betrayal, and a loving Mom. It is pure nuts … enjoy. John C. Reilly steals the show by the way.

Thank you for your reply. I do find the reviews a bit over the top. No constructive criticism. They can’t all be suberb and outstanding. Give us some balance

I hated this movie. Slow-moving, really predictable, resorting to “gee-whiz-golly” immaturity in the main characters. This is a classic cowboy Mayberry story with a crazy element added so that violence cna be introduced. But there’s no repercussions, no character development. Suck,

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