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Tubi is a new streaming platform, similar to Netflix. Except, you don't have to sign-in to watch movies and more importantly: you don't have to pay. Tubi is ad-supported.Below are the best movies on Tubi that we recommend.

Amazon Prime doesn't exactly have the most intuitive interface, and the goal of this list is to bring to your attention the great movies that hide in the platform. This list 50 is only the tip of the iceberg. For more, go back to the homepage and select Amazon Prime from the sidebar.

Think The Irishman was long? One movie in this list is over 6 hours (The Best of Youth). If you click on the title you can see users who have commented on it after watching. One of them wrote: "definitely the best movie I’ve ever seen".The two-hour movie format was actually invented by theater lobbies to slot in more movies per night. Isn't that depressing? Think of all the stories (like The Best of Youth) that simply require more than two hours to tell. That makes them much harder to tell.In this list, you will find the best ten of these movies: great long movies with over 150 minutes (2 and a half hours) of runtime.

Kanopy is a platform that allows you to stream movies for free with your library card or university login. It's just like making a trip to the library to borrow DVDs, except without the trip or the DVD part - just the watching.Kanopy, like your library, is full of classics. That's a great thing if you're into older movies, but if you're looking for quality recent titles you have a lot of digging to do. The goal of this list is to gather the excellent recent movies available on Kanopy in one place. 40 of them.All of these movies, like everything else on agoodmovietowatch, are highly-rated by viewers and acclaimed by critics.

This list is agoodmovietowatch's selection of the best European movies streaming on Amazon Prime right now. agoodmovietowatch is a streaming recommendation platform focused on quality titles. Unlike the corporate algorithms of Amazon Prime (and Netflix) that suggest movies based on their corporate agendas or your past viewing, we only recommend movies that were highly-rated by viewers, praised by critics and handpicked by agoodmovietowatch staff.Within this criteria, we have categorized our movies by genre and mood. We also have a section titled "Spotlight", which is dedicated to bringing attention to excellence in under-represented film. This list was born out of Spotlight: European Film.

Film nerds know Iran as much more than how it's portrayed in the news. It's a fertile land for filmmaking, producing some of the most complex, most affecting, and most beautiful dramas in recent memory. Movies from Asghar Farhadi, Abbas Kiarostami, or the rising star Babak Anvari (to name very few) will always be a reminder that Iranian culture, despite how it's portrayed in the West, is so very rich.

HBO is so much more than Game of Thrones or whatever show they advertise during Game of Thrones breaks. These are the best shows available to stream on HBO (and made by HBO) that you didn't know about or have been delaying watching. This is to say: do it, friend, each and every one of these is incredible.

Starz, Lionsgate's streaming service, is geared towards movies more than shows. In this list, we count down the best movies on Starz that you didn't know were available there, or maybe didn't know about at all.

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The time from when a movie is released and when it's available for streaming is getting shorter with each year. In 2019, some of the best cinema has made its way to either subscription streaming (like Apollo 11 on Hulu), or streaming rental (like the #1, The Following).Below is our list of the best ones. To find where and how to stream each movie, click on its title to be taken to its dedicated page.

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Our staff picks, which we call 'Best Films', are movies we rate 9/10 and higher. We don't take that designation lightly, as only a handful of the 500 movies we suggest hold that distinction. Below are our Best Films available to stream on Netflix, movies that you perhaps didn't know where available to you.

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The 2010s were the decade of "indie" movies, in reference not to studio types but to a style of storytelling that started in the late 2000s. In comedy-dramas, especially coming-of-age stories, this style can best be described as quirky or whimsical.Here are the best quirky movies streaming on Netflix right now.

Lists of the best movies of the decade are everywhere but they're often about the same movies, only in a different order. In this list, we count down the movies that are not on those lists, the movies which didn't get their due and actually deserve your attention. Below is the list of the best little-known movies of the 2010s.

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