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Amazon Prime is a mine of hidden gems if you're looking for quality movies. Netflix might invest more in new original content, most of which is average at best, but Amazon Prime has had a solid acquisition push over the past couple of months. So the moment you know how to navigate it, you will think of Amazon Prime differently - less as something you go on every time there is a new The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season, and more as a source of good movies. Below is a list of the best movies on Prime that you probably don't know were there, but for a full look at what the big streaming platform has to offer - you can visit our Amazon Prime page. 

Do you know the old saying "finding a good movie to watch solves one problem, finding a good TV show solves one problem x number of seasons x number of episodes"? No? Really?OK, I made it up, but it sounds like something future generations will say once this list is shared across the globe. Just remember, you first read it here. With Netflix throwing more and more money into television, it's hard to keep track of what's out there that's worth your time. And this is why, just like we did for movies, we're putting together this list of the best TV shows you've probably missed. Below are handpicked highly-rated and award-winning shows that you should definitely watch.

Finding what to watch on Netflix is easy, finding good things to watch is hard. There is so much movement in the Netflix catalog it sometimes confuses even the journalists covering the platform. Our job is to go through that catalog and waste time so that you wouldn't have to. We hunt down the best things to watch at any one time, and in the end we summarize everything in a list like this one. So after our list of 23 best-on-Netflix list, this is our shorter, tighter recap for the best movies we've been recommending on Netflix lately. Because we only suggest highly-rated, little-known movies, there is a big chance that you've missed these picks. 

We've made a lot of jokes about the end-of-year lists in our previous best movies of 2018 list.We thought were being funny but now we're out of jokes. There are no catchy sentences or ideas to start this list that we haven't already used, I'm sorry. Just facts: these movies or shows (created or continued) in 2018 are absolutely amazing.Our previous list doesn't have anything that is on Netflix yet - this way together they compliment each other. One has things on Netflix, the other one, things available for streaming elsewhere. Once has jokes, the other one has references to the first one's jokes. agoodmovietowatch is a website that offers an alternative to Netflix' selection. Instead of letting Netflix's corporate algorithms pick your next viewing, we aggregate movies and shows that were handpicked by humans. ALL movies and shows are highly-rated by both critics and viewers. This means that they're good, very good even. Also, most of our picks didn't make a huge splash at the box office, so there is little chance you've already seen them. Movies and shows you haven't yet seen, which you will love - that's our motto.  

You’ve probably already started seeing them everywhere. Lists like this one have become an integral part of the festivities. I know people who are more excited about the end of year Spotify list than actual Christmas.But the movie ones get boring pretty quickly. Yes, we’ve all seen A Star is Born, couldn’t The New York Times, Vulture, The New Yorker, and whoever just issue a joint statement or something? Instead, big media is repetitive, and yes, I said it, boring. (Seriously though, if you haven’t seen A Star is Born yet, go watch it, it’s freaking amazing). What was I saying? Ah yes, instead of sending more people to watch Black Panther (who hasn’t seen Black Panther at this point?), there are movies that have been left out of the public eye – and undeservingly so. I hope this list will help balance things a little bit, and that it would be a reference for some of you to catch-up on the amazing gems 2018 has given us. Yes, that, and don’t forget to watch A Star is Born.

Let’s be honest, Netflix's suggestions suck.At best, Netflix tries to go by our viewing history. This doesn't work well if you share your account with other family members. At worst, they prominently display what they recently spent money on (and often shouldn’t have). They rarely suggest what is actually good.There's a reason why they now hide user ratings and have replaced them with “match percentages."One big and obvious problem is that this limits our exposure to new and different types of content. Another major issue, and this one bothers me more than anything, is that they run out of quality content and recommend mediocre stuff.If you go on someone else’s Netflix account, preferably someone you don’t share the same tastes with, you can notice the lengths to which algorithms go to keep them watch that same mediocre stuff.If your friend or family member likes or once liked war movies, Netflix will forever label that person as a fan of war movies. The algorithms will probably show them “Fighting Terrorism in The Jungle 4: Salvation” starring Robert Redford (fictional Netflix Original war movie. If they make it, I'll claim copyright) than an algorithmically unrelated comedy that won an Oscar last year.Noone's taste can be or should be constrained into categories. And it should be allowed to change. Why are we letting a corporation decide our viewing choices anyway?At the expense of sounding too internet-Che-Guevara, I will leave you with this list of good movies, selected for you by yours truly. We’re doing our best as a movie recommendation website to give people alternatives to what crappy algorithms are putting in front of you.That is also why we have recently started a newsletter called “Film Nerds vs. Algorithms.”Join us, share this list, watch the movies, or ask your friends for what’s good. Don't be part of Netflix's flock of sheeple. Don't let it reduce you to categories. This has more significant consequences for you, and our collective cultural lives than might it be apparent now. Unless, of course, you don’t mind only watching Robert Redford reruns for the rest of your life.

Yes, The Shawshank Redemption and Mulholland Drive are both fantastic movies, but what is the point of reminding you of that in every list?Beyond frequent cult overstatements and box office revenue correlations, we decided to count down the 100 best and most unjustly little-known movies. A list of real suggestions you can make your way through. Our purpose at agoodmovietowatch is to reference movies you haven’t yet seen, that you can watch immediately and love. To do this, we only recommend movies that have received a high rating on IMDb combined with a high score on Rotten Tomatoes. This means that these movies have been appreciated by both critics and viewers, so you can trust that they’re awesome. We also only suggest movies that didn’t make a huge splash at the box office or which didn’t get the attention they deserved, so there is little chance you have already seen them.

Living in Canada or traveling for a little while, you must wonder if there are worthy movies that Netflix Canada has that its southern neighbor does not. The answer is yes, and there is plenty of choice too. We've always said that it doesn't matter which country has the larger collection, what matters is what's in that collection. Canada has better quality movies than the US. That's just a fact. We've been saying this since 2016:In terms of quality, Netflix Canada actually has a better selection than Netflix US. Movies that Canada has and not America:— Bilal Zou (@BilalZou) March 22, 2016If you're looking for a list of the best movies on Netflix Canada, period, this way. And for Netflix US.

What does « underrated » mean? You can ask directors, journalists, film goers, critics and each time you will end up with a different definition. To us it means: not films that no one heard of, but films the relatively few people who have heard of loved. In other words, had you been among the people who watched them, you would have most likely loved them, and if you decide to watch them tonight –and are in the right mood–, you will love them.How do we know that? We simply look at their ratings. Add to that the fact that we narrow them down to those that didn't make a huge splash at the box office and you have below is our first countdown of a yearly list in which we list the most underrated movies of our time.